Robust Multiphase Solvers

New Particle-Based Tracking solver: Faster, more robust and adapted to high inertial multiphase flows

New Phase Field multiphase solver with better modeling of the surface tension effects and flows separation

Particle-Based Tracking

Gearbox lubrications, engine piston lubrication, rotating shafts flow distributors, sprays and nozzles atomization, ships aero and hydrodynamics.

Phase Field

Bubbles formations, oil/gas pipe flow and fluids mixing, computation of permeability curves, multiphase flow regime prediction.

Improved Computing Performance

Optimization of operations per second performed by the solver on the bulk lattice nodes

Optimization of the MPI information transfer between computational nodes

Moving parts tracking optimization

Performance speed up

For this DrivAer car model aerodynamic analysis, the same accuracy is achieved with less computation time

More Thermal Capabilities

Coupled Energy

New thermal model to solve both energy and momentum equations


Pistons compression/expansion, Compression Pumps

  • New Heat Transfer Coefficient field:
    • Available for thermal flows based on the heat flux
    • Available for Isothermal flows based on the skin friction
  • Thermal coupling with NASTRAN via the temperature field and HTC
  • Improved Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) model
  • New implementation of the thermal wall models for simulations beyond the Reynolds analogy (Prandtl = 1)

Discrete Phase Model

  • New parameters to define the DPM:
    • New variables to control the particles-solids interaction
    • Initial particles distribution inside a source volume
  • New graphical post-processing capabilities:
    • Particles displayed by diameters
    • Particles colored by their ID to better track their trajectory
  • New numerical post-processing capabilities:
    • Particles size distribution on the inlet and outlet
    • Particles size distribution inside a control volume